26 Feb 2016

Terminus Circuits bags the IESA Award

Terminus Circuits is uniquely positioned in the landscape of Analog and Interface IP market focusing into providing the off-the-shelf high speed connectivity solutions.

Over the past few years, Terminus Circuits has developed the analog Phy?s for the high speed SerDes solutions for consumer and enterprise market that comprises of USB 3.0, PCIE Gen3/2/1, 10Gpbs SerDes in the technology nodes from 90 nm to 28nm across the major foundries like TSMC, GF and IDM?s. Terminus Circuits is into the development of distinctive architectures to meet the evolving/upcoming standards like USB3.1,UFS 2.0, M-PHY… Terminus has foundry relations established with almost all the major foundries and vendors for its test chip developments, packaging and validation of the test chips for the interface standards.Terminus Circuits had established and extended global reach through its channel sales partners, fabless design houses, VCA?s covering almost all the geo?s. With our persistent effort to be the best in the class in terms of quality, time to market and value add to the customer is the motto/driving force for our ceaseless efforts on upgradation of the flow, automation of migrations, to provide complete solution by partnerships and researching on new architectures. If Market traction is an index for our competence and potential growth of the company, Terminus Circuit is one in top 5 in the filed we operate as per the published data in D&R (A web portal disseminating information of IP market worldwide)


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