26 Feb 2016

My views on India Technical development

yes, I do agree and as per my previous statement ( answer for Q4), there is no dearth of talent and potential to have innovative solutions which can lead to world class products and compete in the worldwide market. [show_more more=”more” color=”#0066CC” list=”»”]
What we lag in India is,
1. Lack of ECO system
A0. Local ECO system that is lacking to have full fledged development of any product.
b). Venture capital firms that can understand the wealth that can be created by having the products of our own. The long gestation periods for development and the lack of appreciation on the technological value that each firm can bring in. The change in the mind set of cash flow statement/accountants perspective of reading the worth of the company to appreciation of the long gestation projects that can yield.
2). Critical mass of the companies is needed with an expectation of being success by few of them.
3). Govt. funding agencies also wants to play safe much like VCs/bankers leaving the goal of self sustenance and encouraging competency.


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